5,000.00 4,170.00

  • six PoE ports for integrating power supply and communication functions,
  • PoE with 24 VDC for connecting Hikvision IP outer and indoor stations,
  • two LAN ports for network and cascade connections,
  • supported standards: IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x,
  • suitable for cascade solutions,
  • powered from included AC/DC adapter (24 VDC).


DS-KAD606-P is an 8-port switch dedicated for use in Hikvision IP video door systems. The device, also called Video/Audio Distributor, has six PoE ports supplying 24 VDC voltage to the connected door/gate (outer) stations and monitors (indoor stations). Two additional LAN ports enable network and cascade connections. Using one or more DS-KAD606 devices, it is easy to deploy the Hikvision systems, in which the communication and power supply functions are integrated by the twisted-pair cabling.


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