Unlike conventional cameras that can only serve the monitoring purpose, a PIR camera, by virtue of the built-in PIR sensor, detects passive infrared radiation emitted from heat sources. This function then further supports deterrence measures enabled by whether connecting to external alarm devices or built-in components, for example a siren or light.

We offer a wide selection of PIR cameras ranging from 2 MP to 5 MP, available in both bullet and dome forms. These cameras not only detect, but also help deter would-be intruders by triggering visual or audio alarms. With up to a 11-meter detection distance, the PIR camera covers sufficient areas no matter you need it for an open space, for example a warehouse, or a confined area like the entrance of a store.

Together with the DVR’s Motion Detection feature, the PIR solution helps to provide timely intrusion detection, immediate response, clear evidence, as well as accurate alarms for security system. PIR cameras are your ideal choice for application scenarios such as home, office, warehouse, small business, and more.

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