Key Features

  • Keyless entry with fingerprint and touchpad: Getting in and out your home has never been easier, safer, and smarter with the EZVIZ L2 Smart Lock. It supports four ultra-secure unlocking methods, securing your home while freeing you from the need to carry keys.
  • Four ways to unlock: Open the door in an instant with your fingerprint, passcode, proximity card, or even an old-fashioned key. Coming home just got easier and a lot safer.
  • Hear your visitors loud and clear: Featuring a built-in electronic doorbell that has a volume of up to 65 dB, the Smart Lock allows your visitor to press the bell and notify whoever is home. Select high or low volume or mute for your convenience. But rest assured these settings will not affect the anti-tamper alert or low-battery alert volumes.
  • Tamper and forced entry alarm: If someone tries to force their way into your home, the lock will issue a loud siren to scare off the would-be intruder, ensuring your home, family, and belongings are safe and secure.
  • Automatically locks behind you: You will never have to worry about whether or not you remembered to lock the door when you left home. The door immediately locks as you close it. For enhanced security, simply lift the handle to double-lock it!
  • Low-battery warning signal: Powered by four AA alkaline batteries, the L2 lock is able to handle the comings and goings of a busy household for about 10 months. When battery power starts to get low, the smart lock will sound an alert every time the keyboard is triggered, reminding you to change the batteries.
  • Unlock in emergencies: Even if the batteries are dead, you can still enter your home using a power bank through Micro-USB data cable as an emergency power supply.
  • Four Unlock Methods
  • Built-in Electronic Doorbell
  • Anti-Tamper Alarm
  • Door Handle with Clutch Mechanism
  • Low Battery Warning Signal
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • 1 Year Warranty






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