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NP-SG112 metal detector door, adopting advanced electromagnetic compatibility, has high detection
sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability. It is suitable for safety inspection of dangerous goods and is widely used in public occasions and important places, and etc.

Key Features:
1)Detects micro metals like half paper clip
2)Detects all metal objects more than 2cm above the ground
3)Detects metal objects thrown through the door
4)Detects multiple metals in different positions of the human body simultaneously
5)Distinguishes ferromagnetic from non-ferromagnetic metal objects
6)Supports POST (power on self-test)
7)12 independent detection zones with each zone of the sensitivity level of 300
8)11 kinds of working frequency available or manual setting from 7000 to 8999Hz
9)Precisely detects passing passerby and alarmed passerby via infrared ray
10)PVC material for the door
11)Reserves communication interface for computers, cameras and etc.
12)In accordance with the international safety standard, friendly to pregnant woman, people
with cardiac pacemaker and etc.
13)Anti-interference design, multiple inspection door working at the same time without mutual
14)Nixie tube display with high light
15)Easy to transport and maintain

*Note – Delivery Time – Minimum 4 Weeks (Rest will be updated on mail/call/WhatsApp/message)


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